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      同轴线计算工具 | Coaxial Line Calculator

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      >>> Zo[ohm]

      Zo[ohm] Input d >>> Synthesis D :
      Input D >>> Synthesis d :

      C[pF/m] L[nH/m]
      Vp[km/s] td[ns/m]

      [ How to use ]
      1. Input dielectric constant.
      (1) When characteristic impedance (Zo) of a certain coaxial line is computed.
      Input the diameter of the inside conductor, the outside conductor,
      and click on [ Analyze ] button.
      (2)When the diameter of the coaxial line which has certain characteristic impedance is calculated.
      Input the diameter of either conductor, and click on [ Synthsis ] button.
      3. A calculation result is indicated.
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